Cincinnati Machine Introduces CNC Tape Layer Technology

February 6, 2007—Cincinnati Machine's new CHARGER Series of machines were designed to improve upon the technology and productivity of CNC composite tape lay-up.

Engineered for world-class throughput with faster lay-up and easier, quicker setup, the new tape layers are now available in new low-rail gantry platforms and feature new generation tape heads.

"The CHARGER Series of machines meet aircraft manufacturing initiatives for greater use of composites for reduced weight and fuel consumption, increased strength and service life, and greater automation for less labor-intensive production," said Randy Kappesser, vice president and general manager of Cincinnati Machine Composites. "High-speed precision lay-up helps accelerate work flow to shorten build schedules and reduce work-in-process costs."

The CHARGER Series lay 3", 6" or 12" carbon/epoxy tape with any orientation and number of plies, assuring consistent quality part shape, thickness, and strength.

"Parts can be laid up over tool surfaces with contours, flats, and changing geometries, bringing flexibility and precision to the most complex jobs," says Kappesser.

Cincinnati Machine