Gleason 410SCG Shaving Cutter Grinding Machine Speeds Up Shaving Cutter Re-Sharpening

Gleason's 410SCG is designed for, but not limited to, the re-sharpening of shaving cutter tools.

Gleason's 410SCG is designed for, but not limited to, the re-sharpening of shaving cutter tools.

November 8, 2017—

Gleason is meeting the global need for fast, high quality re-sharpening of shaving cutters up to 400 mm in diameter and Module 14 with the introduction of its easy-to-operate 410SCG Shaving Cutter Grinding Machine.

With the 410SCG, users can eliminate the traditional wait times associated with performing test tooth inspection for lead, profile and size, as well as cutter outside diameter grinding, on separate machines since these operations can be done right on the 410SCG.  Additionally, the machine's highly intuitive software makes it easy for operators with even minimal experience to quickly input parameters such as profile and lead corrections to more easily optimize the grinding process.

As an option, the 410SCG can be equipped with Gleason's new ‘Rapid Grinding' feature which, depending on the application, can reduce grinding times by up to 30 percent as compared to the previous generation of machines.

The 410SCG's work area is designed for optimum operator ergonomics, with shaving cutter clamping at a convenient level above the floor. 

Exceptional precision is possible through the combination of up to 11 NC-controlled axes and the use of an electronic pitch block, hydrostatic guideway and a hydrostatic lead screw.

Depending on the application, the 410SCG can also be used to regrind master gears, chamfer rolling tools and indexing plates.

In order to help ensure high levels of machine availability and on-going performance improvements throughout the life of its machines, Gleason supports both the 410SCG and its past SRS Series machines with a variety of service programs including control or software upgrades, spare and repair parts programs and complete mechanical modernization. Upgrade packages dedicated to the specific needs of a machine are available.

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