PRAB Renews Partnership with EVALED

Tim Hanna, VP of Business Development.

Tim Hanna, VP of Business Development.

November 7, 2017—

PRAB Inc., a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and systems for processing metal scrap and spent fluids as well as treating oily wastewater for recycle and reuse, is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with EVALED (, Europe’s leading manufacturer of industrial systems that treat wastewater by accelerating the natural evaporation process.

With this announcement, PRAB maintains its position as a major distributor of EVALED systems in North America. A division of the Italian-based water treatment company Veolia Italia, EVALED specializes in three primary types of evaporation technology ­– heat pumps, hot/cold water evaporators, and Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) units – to help industrial customers reduce their energy consumption, minimize their CO2 footprint and use less water in their operations.

“The future of wastewater treatment is here, and it involves being aware of global water shortages, more stringent limits on wastewater discharge, and higher costs for energy and disposal,” states Tim Hanna, PRAB’s vice president of business development. “We’re proud to continue our partnership with EVALED and help our North American customers use green solutions to mitigate their rising operational costs.”

For 30 years, EVALED has provided wastewater treatment solutions throughout the world and has partnered with PRAB since 2013. All EVALED evaporators adhere to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards and offer clean separation technology that is globally recognized as a Best Available Technique in several wastewater treatment processes.

“Now more than ever, the effectiveness of those processes hinges on the responsible use of a finite resource,” Hanna states. “Major industrial operations are increasing their focus on water management as the business and humanitarian case for developing a proactive approach becomes more compelling. EVALED evaporators represent an excellent response to the increasing concern of a global water shortage by providing opportunities for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), water reuse and recycling.”