ABM Greiffenberger Offers Hoist and Angular Travel Drives

The new hoist drive GHX 125 by ABM Greiffenberger offers dynamic acceleration.

The new hoist drive GHX 125 by ABM Greiffenberger offers dynamic acceleration.

September 29, 2017—

Many mid-size crane manufacturers bank on complete hoist drive technology solutions from ABM Greiffenberger. These drives are specifically developed for this market segment and characterized by a high degree of functionality. With the new GHX-Series the systems provider has now developed new powerful and energy efficient hoist gear drives with outstanding overall energy efficiency. In addition new angular travel drives provide a new option for crane builders.

Compared to previous hoist gear drives, the new series expand the possible range of use with larger center to center distances. The new GHX 63 allows the installation of wire rope drums with a diameter of up to 270 mm and the GHX 125 even up to 325 mm increasing the design flexibility for crane builders. Another benefit on inverter operated hoists is the possibility to increase the no-load lifting speed up to 200 Hertz substantially reducing cycle-times. On two speed hoist motors ABM further optimized the speed change behavior reducing operating noise. The GHX-Series hoist drives are designed to meet FEM 2 m resulting in doubling their service life. A further new hoist drive type GHX-250 with load capacities of up to 25 metric tons is currently under development.

Thanks to aluminum housings the hoist drives are light weight and highly corrosion resistant. Complete gearbox-motor-brake units can easily be mounted to the hoist frame. U-shaped cable drum set-up provides space saving mounting and enables a compact wire rope design to state of the art criteria. Numerous options and protection classes are available and provide maximum flexibility to adapt to crane builder’s requirements. As an example available auxiliary electrical fans and encoders complement a hoist drive unit for inverter operation.

ABM hoist drives are designed for lifting loads from 3.2 to 40 metric tons with a 4/1 reeving. All drives offer dynamic acceleration that despite soft start combine high start, saddle and tilting moments to assure dependable and vibration free movement of loads. Drives for crane and hoists must also reliably operate under most difficult ambient conditions such as extreme heat in foundries or bitter cold in freezer warehouses. Therefore ABM Greiffenberger only uses high grade materials to manufacture hoist drive parts. One hundred percent documented manufacturing processes assure safety and dependability even in adverse environments.

ABM Angular Gearboxes as Travel Drives
In addition to hoist drives and motors, travel drives from ABM Greiffenberger combine to ready to mount system solutions. Travel and trolley drives are available as helical/straight shaft gearbox (G-Series), parallel/hollow shaft gearbox (FGA-Series) and now new as angular gearbox (KG-Series) versions, all with integrated safety brakes. With two lines ABM Greiffenberger is offering the optimum solution for any speed and positional accuracy requirement: Professional-Line Drives provide two travel speeds. Special motor design and a cast iron fan that also functions as a flywheel guarantee smooth acceleration and soft braking for vibration free transporting of loads. Drives of the Automation-Line enable safe and reliable process operation at variable speeds and meet the highest demands for positioning accuracy. Special long-life winding insulation optimizes motor protection.

KG-Series angular gearboxes can also be used as travel drives for cranes. They are powerful, very energy efficient and offer a high degree of overall efficiency. A unique gearbox concept enables space saving installation and large permissible radial forces. The compact design of angular travel drives provides a wide variety of different mounting options. This offers users maximum design flexibility. The drives also excel with long durability and low operating noise levels.

ABM Greiffenberger offers a comprehensive program of drive options to crane and hoist manufacturers meeting all demands for performance, safety, reliability and energy efficiency. In addition to hoist drives and motors, straight shaft-, parallel/hollow shaft- and angular travel drives ABM Greiffenberger also can supply electronic motor inverters that come with individual parametrization for optimum performance at all application demands.

The hoist technology portfolio is rounded off with powerful, reliable chain hoists, designed for tough use and with a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg. They are available for industrial or entertainment application. For over 40 years engineered in Germany - ABM Greiffenberger produces and develops drives for hoists and by now has over one million in use worldwide.

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