Faulhaber Offers Brushless DC Servomotor with Integrated Sensors

Gearheads from Faulhaber can be optimally configured for practically every type of drive solution.

Gearheads from Faulhaber can be optimally configured for practically every type of drive solution.

September 13, 2017—
The 2264…BP4 brushless DC servomotor from Faulhaber achieves a torque of 59₯mNm with a weight of just 140₯g and a diameter of 22₯mm. Furthermore, the 2264…BP4 reaches up to 34.000 revolutions per minute. 

"Since the history of modern micromotors began with the Faulhaber winding in 1947, winding technology has been one of our core competencies. With the new segment winding, which we developed for our brushless DC-motors of the BP4 family, we continue this tradition and open a new performance class," said Product Manager Anne Schilling.

With the winding, the motor performance increases with the copper content. With the compact coil, a resilient shaft with 4₯mm diameter and suitable bearing can also be installed. "As a result, the small motor can also readily serve as a direct drive, e.g., in handpieces of motorized tools." Furthermore, the four-pole motor has a low inertia and is therefore very well suited for dynamic start/stop operation,” added Schilling. 

In addition to the enormous torque, the new motor is also characterized by its compact and economical sensors. Optionally analog Hall sensors precisely determine the position of the output shaft. The sensors are integrated in the motor, i.e., they do not require additional installation space. In most cases, they can replace an encoder, thereby making very compact and light solutions possible. If even more precision is required, e.g., with optical systems, in measurement systems or in semiconductor production, compatible optical and magnetic encoders are available. They can very easily be attached to the rear multifunction flange of the motor.

The 2264…BP4 is overload-resistant. It operates without wear-prone mechanical commutation and, as a result, has a service life many times longer than standard DC-micromotors. Also unusual is the very large temperature range in which the motor can be used: it spans from -40₯to₯+125°C.

"With these features, the 2264…BP4 is an ideal drive solution for nearly all applications of this size class – whenever space is tight or weight plays a decisive role yet a high torque is required,” Schilling said. She considers the two most important areas of application to be in handpieces of electrical tools and in industrial automation. "With electric loppers, electric screwdrivers or motorized instruments for surgery, users often work with their devices for many hours. Thus, every gram that needs to be held and moved counts. At the same time, the tools should be fast, robust and effective. They need to operate at maximum performance so that every work step can be completed on the first pass."

Similar requirements – at least with respect to the size-torque ratio – apply in many areas of factory automation, e.g., with grippers or robots, with mobile robots such as sewer robots, in aerospace with cabin equipment or with active prosthetics that can perform an ever larger range of functions for missing limbs. With suitable precision gearheads from Faulhaber, the 2264…BP4 can be optimally configured for practically every type of drive solution.

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