Boston Gear Offers Series 700 Lubrication Video

Boston Gear has a new video on its Series 700 gearboxes.

Boston Gear has a new video on its Series 700 gearboxes.

September 11, 2017—
A new informative video has been produced by Boston Gear to help reduce Series 700 worm gear speed reducer failures and premature wear due to lubrication issues. Topics include the importance of adding oil prior to initial usage, adding the correct amount of lubricant  depending on mounting position, and the dangers of using lubricants with EP additives. The short video can be viewed at the website below.

The 700 Series gearboxes are hard at work in key markets including material handling conveyors, food processing, aerospace and defense, medical, stage and theater, and amusement rides.

With more than 125 years of experience, Boston Gear is recognized globally as a premier resource for extremely reliable, high-performance power transmission components. Boston Gear offers a comprehensive product array featuring more than 30,000 standard products combined with the ability to custom engineer unique solutions when required. 

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