CTI Symposium China - Automotive Drivetrains, Intelligent, Electrified

(September 23-25, 2019)

Shanghai, China. The next International CTI Symposium "Automotive Drivetrains, Intelligent & Electrified" will gather in China for the sixth time to exchange ideas on transmission technology developments. With lectures, presentations, keynote speeches and the satellite exhibition "Transmission Expo," the event will provide a powerful framework for high-ranking Chinese and international automobile and transmission manufacturers and suppliers. The focus will rest on strategies, new components and development tools for conventional and alternative drives. China is now by far the world's largest market for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Supported by state programs and directives, NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) aim to cut emissions in urban conglomerations and make the land less dependent on oil imports. By 2020, the plan is to get more than five million electric automobiles on Chinese roads. 



CTI Symposium China