ABM Introduces Custom Traction and Steering Motors and Drives for Electric Vehicles

High static wheel loads are possible with compact design gearboxes.

High static wheel loads are possible with compact design gearboxes.

July 14, 2017—
ABM traction drive system solutions for electric vehicles are available as bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes and hub wheel drives.Typical applications include forklifts, pallet trucks and sweeper/scrubbers, which require sophisticated drive technology with high output at low energy consumption. 

ABM traction motors are available in outputs up to 16 kW (duty cycle S2-60 min) ABM induction and SINOCHRON motors provide high-power density and outstanding reliability. The ABM compact, modular bevel gearbox design provides maximum flexibility for easy adaptation to the requirement of the vehicle. Electrically steered modular units incorporate induction motors, manufactured for specific vehicle battery voltage and integrated holding brake with minimal torsional backlash.

Modular designs make it possible to manufacture OEM drive units even in small and medium volumes. It also provides the possibility to offer different drive options to end-users, for example, fixed motors can be used for traction as well as steer function requiring minimal space allowing for compact vehicle designs. Motors are available with sensor bearings or coils and even the integration of customer-supplied sensors is possible.

The complete motor-brake-gearbox units are manufactured completely in-house, for vehicle OEM's purchasing complete traction and steer units with matched components.

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