Vesconite Polymer Bearings Cut Down on Maintenance Costs

Vesconite Hilube polymer bushings.

Vesconite Hilube polymer bushings.

June 8, 2017—
Greasing costs add up as the number of greasing points multiplies, the frequency of required greasing increases, and the number of machines in a large plant or fleet increases, according to Vesconite Bearings Technical Consultant Eddie Swanepoel.

Swanepoel believes staffing costs related to greasing could drop if polymer bearings are introduced to an organization. He recently conducted a greasing cost exercise for a South African client. 

“This alone justifies the investment in Vesconite bushings,” states Swanepoel, who notes that a costing exercise may even be more persuasive in high-tech companies that have sophisticated lubrication equipment, higher paid staff or policies that have been developed to ensure that poor lubrication does not result in equipment breakdowns and plant downtime.

Sources have revealed that the costs included in Swanepoel’s calculations may have to be adjusted depending on the lubrication model employed at a given company.

The classic lubricant department model requires a lubrication technician, or dedicated staff member, to grease equipment. There is also the multi-skilled maintenance mechanic model, which has a mechanic lubricate machines while performing other tasks, and the operator model, in which machine operators lubricate equipment.

Depending on which model is being used, greasing labor costs may rise substantially, with labor costs based on seniority, country, job description and skills level.

Labor is also not the only cost associated with bushings that require lubrication, since there are the costs associated with equipment downtime if greasing is not performed or carried out incorrectly; the costs of lubrication equipment - including grease lines, zerks and manifolds; and, of course, the cost of the grease itself.

“The cost savings associated with Vesconite self-lubricating bushings are clear,” says Swanepoel.

“Vesconite bushings will reduce or eliminate lubrication requirements, result in less maintenance, less loss of revenue and longer warranties to the user,” he notes.

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