Force Control Offers Posidyne Clutch Brake in Piggyback Design

Force Control brakes last longer than standard dry friction brakes thanks to oil shear technology.

Force Control brakes last longer than standard dry friction brakes thanks to oil shear technology.

February 28, 2017—
Posidyne clutch brakes, with oil shear technology that allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning, all without adjustment or maintenance, are now available in space-savings piggyback designs. Special pads cast into the main housings mount an adjustable motor base, allowing the motor to sit atop the clutch
brake.  Other components include a gear belt drive from the motor to the input shaft and an enclosed belt drive guard.

This space saving design is ideal for applications where an inline arrangement is not feasible due to space considerations. Posidyne piggyback clutch brakes are well suited for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, and high cycle rates (up to 300 cycles per minute), which place a high priority on maximizing production and minimizing downtime.

Faster production rates coupled with significantly longer service life than traditional (dry) clutch/brakes (5 to 10 times longer in many cases) yields increased uptime, productivity and ROI.  No adjustment, virtually no maintenance, multi-year service life, minimal parts inventory, reduced parts and replacement ordering cost, adds up to higher production at less cost.

Designed with low inertia cycling components makes the Posidyne clutch brake more efficient, requiring less motor horsepower to accelerate the load, and less torque to stop the load.  Their totally enclosed design is impervious to dust, chips, chemicals, coolants, caustic wash down, weather, and more, making them ideal for hostile environments.  They are field proven in diverse applications such as lumber mills, shingle plants, fiberglass insulation production, food processing, packaging, metalworking, and more. 

Posidyne clutch/brakes feature a multiple disc design that produces high torque from a small package.  Re-circulating the fluid dissipates the heat of engagement, which is a common cause of downtime with other clutch/brake

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