Moticont Adds Two Linear Motors to SDLM Series

These direct drive linear motors feature resolutions of 5 Ám (0.000197 in.) and 1.25 Ám (0.000049 in.).

These direct drive linear motors feature resolutions of 5 Ám (0.000197 in.) and 1.25 Ám (0.000049 in.).

February 14, 2017—

Moticont has added two linear motors to its SDLM series of high speed direct drive linear motors which are also known as electric cylinders. These direct drive linear motors feature resolutions of 5 µm (0.000197 in.) and 1.25 µm (0.000049 in.). The integral, linear optical quadrature encoder directly connects to the shaft for the greatest possible accuracy. 

Each motor features a continuous force rating of 20.1oz. (5.82 N) and a peak force of 66.3 oz (18.4 N). This motor is designed with a larger air gap of 0.059 in (1.5 mm). The larger airgap allows the motor to be used for: vibration, noise cancelation, photonics, gimbals, antenna positioning, medical devices,  semiconductor handling, SMT machines, assembly, wafer handling, optical focusing, dynamic vibration absorption, scanners and laser beam steering and filtering where excessive side play or tilt is required.

The non-commutating SDLM-025-095-01-05 (5 µm resolution) and the SDLM-025-095-01-01 (1.25 µm resolution) direct drive linear motors have quiet long life plain linear bearings, a non-rotating shaft, pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes, and threaded (internal) ends of the shaft for easy integration into new and existing applications.  These low cost direct drive motors are coupled directly to the load providing high acceleration and speed with zero cogging and no backlash as with other drive systems such as ball screws, gear, and rack and pinion drives.

The SDLM-025-095-01-05 and  SDLM-025-095-01-01 direct drive linear actuators are also available as a complete plug-and-play linear motion system with a matching motion controller. 

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