AGMA Board Enters 2017 With New Mission and Strategy

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) will enter its 101st year with a new vision, mission and four supporting strategic obj...
November 21, 2016—

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) will enter its 101st year with a new vision, mission and four supporting strategic objectives driving value for its members.

AGMA’s board of directors adopted the new vision, “AGMA and its members drive power transmission innovation,” at its recent meeting in Rochester, New York.

The new vision places both AGMA members, and the organization itself, at the center of power transmission innovation. 

“AGMA members have always been at the heart of new technologies and innovation – and the new vision ensures they remain in the driver’s seat to deliver solutions for end users,” notes Matthew E. Croson, president of AGMA. “What is new is adding AGMA as an organization to the Vision.  This construct allows AGMA to serve as the key platform where innovation is communicated, shared and discussed.”

The organization’s mission, approved in May 2016, outlines the focus areas for AGMA:  AGMA is the global network for technical standards, education and business information for manufacturers, suppliers and users of mechanical power transmission components.

“The mission emphasizes what we will focus our energy on, and it touches on AGMA’s historical value driver, standards, its relatively recent focus on education and a huge opportunity to add value with business information,” adds Dean Burrows, chairman of AGMA and president of Gear Motions. 

To further define AGMA’s focus, the board is supporting the development of four strategic objectives:

Industry Voice:  AGMA will ensure industry understands the full scope of the role AGMA and its members play in power transmission systems, and is aware of AGMA offerings.

Emerging Technologies:  AGMA will track emerging technologies that impact the business of gearing.

Education:  AGMA will be THE industry source for education and training.

Global:  AGMA will support members looking to export or grow domestically, wherever they happen to have an office.

Each objective includes a roadmap of new or evolved programming that will be delivered to members over the next five years. Each roadmap will be coordinated with considerable member input at the committee level, in a deliberate, collaborative manner. 

“The four strategic objectives build off AGMA’s legacy value drivers, but add new programs and services to the mix to support the changing dynamics, both opportunities and threats, our industry faces,” notes Croson.

“The board is excited about the new plan, new value drivers, and the opportunity to deliver innovation – in the form of information, experts and guidance – working side by side with its members who deliver the technology innovations each day as part of their business,” says Burrows. 

In addition to adopting the new plan, the board authorized the creation of two new Business Management Division Committees: an Industry Voice Committee and an Emerging Technology Committee.

They will join the Annual Meeting, Strategic Resource Network (SRN), Statistical, Trade Show committees, and the board-level Education committee, to drive value for membership by ensuring the program outputs are 100 percent member focused.

“Associations are their most powerful in challenging times, when they can work together with members to respond to challenges, whether economic, political, or technological,” notes Croson.  “This strategic plan recognizes these challenges, but puts into place several proactive response strategies to ensure members are thriving, not just surviving.  From emerging technology, to education…from communications to global markets, this plan supports critical facets of our member company business areas.  It’s a great time to be an AGMA member as we work together to enhance our industry, respond to opportunities, prepare our workforce, and look for new opportunities.”