White Electronic Designs Introduces Medical CompactFlash Cards

January 29, 2006—White Electronic Designs Corp. announces the availability of its Medical Series 1 CompactFlash cards.

According to the company’s press release, cards are available in densities from 256MB up to 8GB, at an operating range of -40-85C, the new card series is bundled with several features important to the medical community.

"Utilizing the best SLC (Single Level Cell) grade NAND Flash components, coupled with a controller designed around a 32 Bit RISC core, these cards provide world-class reliability. Static wear leveling across the entire card yields a typical card endurance of 4 million read/writes," says Mark Downey, WEDC’s Director of Commercial Microelectronics Marketing. "Additionally, these cards implement what the industry has termed 6-bit ECC which is the superior class of error correction available. By locking both the bill of materials and the firmware on the card, we are able to provide our medical customers with the type of product stability and control they desire."

In addressing another major concern of the medical industry, WEDC’s Medical Series 1 CompactFlash cards are designed to control power down interruptions extremely well. Many industry cards fail to maintain data quality and in many cases completely lose the ability to function after a power interruption. By utilizing a proprietary technique at both the hardware and firmware level, the cards contain built-in protection which mitigates power down related failures.

WEDC’s Medical Series 1 CompactFlash cards are available with options for an environmentally- resistant conformal coating. The coating protects the cards from potentially harsh chemical environments associated with various medical applications, and in a standard removable or a fixed device configuration. The fixed device configuration enables use in more mobile embedded medical applications.

The completely ROHS compliant cards are packaged in a standard Type I form factor (3.3mm thickness). As part of WEDC’s qualification, mechanical package validation testing (compliant with many MIL-STD and JEDEC requirements) is performed, as well as electrical validation which includes compliance testing to the CFA standard 2.1.

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