2007 Plastics Parts Innovations Conference and New Product Design Competition

(April 1-3, 2007)Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN. The SPI Alliance of Plastics Processors (APP) is accepting abstracts or proposals for technical presentations, panels, or workshops. The APP seeks papers on topics that include the latest uses of materials; case studies; emerging business issues; new market developments; low-pressure structural foam; creative design/tooling; innovative new process technologies; time or cost-reducing product development methods; and production innovations to advance attendees’ knowledge of the plastics processing arena.

The following lists suggested topics. Please forward any proposals in the areas that you feel are beneficial to the industry.

*Advances in Recycling Industry

* Medical Products

* Multi Materials

* Nanocomposites

* Bio-Based Materials/Technologies

* Use of Fillers in Plastics

* Emerging Trends

* Injection Molding in Ceramics

* Injection Molding in Metals

* Materials/Resin

* Emerging Legislative Trends

Society of the Plastics Industry
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