Soft Servo Systems Updates Software and Motion Control Products

January 22, 2006—Soft Servo Systems announced the release of Version 3 of ServoWorks CNC and SMP motion control products. These updated products come with some enhanced features:

    * PLC-axis control for all SMP general motion control products, ServoWorks S-120M and ServoWorks S-140M - for independent and individual axis control, programmed by LadderWorks PLC
    * Custom G, M, S and T codes to be customized by users with macro and PLC functions
    * Improved performance of Soft Servo Systems' three-dimensional dynamic look-ahead contour control (3D-DLACC) for super high-speed, high-precision milling and machining
    * Includes support for several new servo platforms (in addition to the established VersioBus fiber-optics interface system, our IEEE 1394 FireWire interface system and our MECHATROLINK™ interface system):
   * Includes support for the new generation of VersioBus hardware system. The new components are smaller, have improved noise resistance, power, capacity and performance.
    * Web-based registration – allows you to obtain your license code immediately with Internet access, for unimpeded software installation or software upgrades.

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