Sercos Multi-Vendor Interoperability Demos On Display at IANA 2016

Sercos will be showing off two multi-vendor interoperability demos at IANA.

Sercos will be showing off two multi-vendor interoperability demos at IANA.

September 15, 2016—

Sercos will present two multi-vendor interoperability demos plus other products from member companies at IANA in booth E-4448 in the McCormick East Building. The systems demonstrate that Sercos has the functionality and performance to operate synchronized motion, I/O and safety while allowing full TCP/IP communication with each device over a single Ethernet ring.

Multi-vendor interoperability demo #1 includes 16 products connected using the Sercos automation bus. They include an Aventics pneumatic valve system; Bosch Rexroth eXtended Logic Control PLC, IndraDrive Cs servodrive, various I/O devices, SafeLogic compact safety control, and HMC hydraulic axis controller; a CANNON-Automata SSI gateway for encoders; Feller Engineering's multi-channel temperature controller; Festo's pneumatic valve terminal; a halstrup-walcher positioning system; a Hilscher gateway switch; a Phoenix Contact field mounted Axioline E I/O system; a RiceLake load cell transmitter; and a TR-Electronic programmable absolute encoder. 

Multi-vendor interoperability demo #2 includes 23 Sercos products running interoperably. The demo includes a Bihl+Wiedemann AS-i gateway plus Bosch Rexroth machine control panel, EFC frequency converter, IndraDrive, IndraMotion MLC motion/logic solution, HMC hydraulic controller, multi-Ethernet directional hydraulic IAC-R control valves, SafeLogic compact safety control and a modular I/O system. CANNON-Automata products include an SSI gateway for encoders, a stepper motor controller, a Sercos/EtherCAT bridge for masters and a Sercos/EtherCAT bridge for slaves. Also included are a Festo electrical terminal for pneumatic valves, Hilscher standard and high-end gateway modules, Phoenix Contact Axioline F I/O system, Pilz modular safety system, Schleicher hand-held HMI, Smitec Ethernet rotary coupler, TR-Electronic linear measurement system, Wago 750/753 series I/O system, Wago SPEEDWAY 767 I/O system and Weidmueller Ethernet cables.

Users are encouraged to interact with the demos: Use the touch screen to select product details, scan QR-codes for additional information, move and set the position of the absolute and linear encoders, activate load cells, perform safe motion functions using CIP safety over Sercos while the light curtain is broken, operate multiple safety systems, move the capacitive Ethernet coupler, command VFD, stepper motors and actuator and explore gateways and bridges to other Ethernet networks, viewing results on the display. Visitors can see Sercos real-time redundancy in action when an Ethernet cable is disconnected or damaged by cutting it, disrupting communication, then later restored. The system detects an interruption/restoration within one cycle, indicates it on the screen, switches modes and remains fully operational during the interruption.

In addition to the multi-vendor demos, CANNON-Automata will present Sercos III to PCI/PCIe interface cards, the A2 Intel Atom-based control, F3 Intel Atom-based modular control system, plus Sercos-EtherCAT bridge and SSI input card network support products. Bihl+Wiedemann will present three versions of their AS-i 3.0 Sercos Gateway, Festo will present their CPX-MPA valve terminal product and Schneider Electric will present a PacDrive controller, Lexium power supply with double drive and a Lexium multi-axis integrated servo drive.    

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