MINExpo Preview: Stiebel-Getriebebau GmbH

The Stiebel Type 4652 pump drive, with its very good energy balance and power transmission, is in demand for drilling rigs in particular.

The Stiebel Type 4652 pump drive, with its very good energy balance and power transmission, is in demand for drilling rigs in particular.

August 5, 2016—

Stiebel-Getriebebau has developed advanced pump drives which combine an improved energy balance, greater flexibility and performance. Visitors to this year’s Minexpo will be able to discover these technologies at the Stiebel-Getriebebau exhibition Stand 28900 in the South Hall.

For mid-size mining excavators and above (from around 300t), the Stiebel Type 4462 pump drive provides the driving force. The drive is connected to the engine (800 kW) via an SAE 0 bell housing adapter. The available range of transmission ratios varies between i1= 0.9 and 2. The integrated oil pump and the oil distribution system used by Stiebel ensure optimum lubrication and cooling of the pump drive. This means that sloping positions – of up to 30° in all directions – are possible during operation. Overall, a maximum of six pumps can be fitted on both sides which actuate the swivel and reach operation together with the other hydraulic functions. Furthermore, the hydraulic pump attachments also provide a separate oil chamber to ensure operating reliability for the hydraulic unit system.

With the Type 4382 single-stage pump drive from the P2000 range, Stiebel-Getriebebau has created a special solution for a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications. The robust, torsionally-stiff drive employs the proven modular system to offer a comprehensive range of attachment variants. The unit is connected using an SAE bell housing or cardan flange. Three pump connections at the take-off with freely selectable SAE connector are available. The maximum torque per take-off is 1,500 Nm and a maximum speed of up to 3,000 min-1 is possible. At an engine power of 530 kW the pump drive is available with a transmission ratio of i = 0.6572 to 1.5217. The design – with a weight of 200 kg and block casing – is particularly compact, allowing space-saving integration. Thanks to a special lubrication system, which utilizes customized internal ribbing and oil pockets, the lubrication of all necessary components is ensured.

With its high degree of adaptability, the Stiebel Type 4652 pump drive provides an ideal drive solution – in particular for mobile tracked drilling rigs. This is because its particularly compact design allows easy underfloor installation. The geometric offset of the drive/take-off, the large oil volume and solid ribbing of the casing result in an outstanding energy balance for the pump drive. This means that an additional oil cooler is not usually necessary. The drive therefore ensures economical and sustainable operation with Pmax = 700 kW, T2max = 3,300 Nm and a maximum speed of nmax = 2,500 min-1


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