Ricardo Software Ignite Vehicle System Simulator Incorporates Modelon's Optimica Compiler Toolkit

Ricardo Software is partnering with Modelon to expand the functionality of their Ignite simulator.

Ricardo Software is partnering with Modelon to expand the functionality of their Ignite simulator.

May 3, 2016—

Ricardo Software recently announced a key partnership that will deliver immediate benefits to users of its Ignite complete vehicle system simulation product, as well as enable significant future developments. In the upcoming 2016 product release planned for May, Ignite users will have instant access to Modelon's advanced Optimica Compiler Toolkit, a Modelica and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) based computational platform for system design.

Integrating Ignite and Optimica offers a three-fold increase in the speed of compilation and simulation, providing significant time-savings. Moreover, it provides expanded compatibility with proprietary and open source Modelica libraries (covering two-phase fluid, thermal, hydraulics and more) and comprehensive support of the FMI, further enabling execution of multi-domain and multi-scale studies in Ignite.

The result of this partnership will bring together Ignite's comprehensive ground vehicle performance and fuel economy simulation capability and Modelon's leadership in Modelica and FMI technology.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Modelon to bring new and exciting capabilities to market," states David Higbie, Ricardo Software managing director. "We're confident that improving Ignite's speed and agility will strengthen its position as a technology leader in the Model-Based-Design space, further enabling our users to achieve faster and more advanced dynamic simulation results, and create more fuel-efficient vehicles and better product designs."

"We are very proud to supply Ricardo and its customers with our foundation technology for Modelica and FMI modelling and simulation," states Magnus Gäfvert, CEO of Modelon. "The industry expertise embedded into Ignite combined with Modelon's state-of-the-art modelling and computational technology in Optimica provides a powerful platform for high impact vertical solutions in vehicle system simulation."

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