Philadelphia Gear Simplifies Controller

April 7, 2006—Philadelphia Gear Corp. introduces the Mark VII controller, which was developed for the company’s Synchrotorque brand of variable speed and soft-start hydroviscous drives.

The controller features simplified construction, no software programming and advanced modular electronic components.

"Significant to the redesign is the absence of the motherboard which required complex troubleshooting and repair procedures", says Jules DeBaecke. "Now damaged modular components can be easily isolated, diagnosed and replaced on a plug-and-play basis."

Philadelphia Gear says the controller can replace any Mark Series controller without needing any modifications. As a new system, it can be configured as a stand-alone installation or to fit into a standard 19" rack.

Dabaecke says the controller offers greater security with three levels of access to more critical controller functions. A special four digit access code, one for each level of access msut be entered. For alarm and shutdown conditions, operators can choose from a number of parameters to alarm or shutdown the system. Methods include maintaining the last signal,preset deceleration rate, emergency stop or any special ramp.

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