New Series of Finger-Flex Isolators from AAC Solve Low Load Problems.

The natural rubber
April 21, 2006—The natural rubber "Finger-Flex" ring and bushing in each mount have radial fingers on top and bottom surfaces to absorb vibration parallel to the axis of the mounting.

The bushings also have axially-orientated fingers which enable the mounting to absorb vibration perpendicular to the axis of the mounting. To obtain optimum isolation efficiency there are two hardnesses of V10Z 4 Series Finger-Flex Mounts available: 30 and 60 durometer. The natural frequencies of the V10Z 4 Series mounts range from 6 to 30 Hz.

"Finger-Flex" washers can be stacked in series and will yield an assembly with greater deflection. Any number of "Finger-Flex" mountings can be installed in parallel to achieve greater load carrying capacity.

Other features of the V10Z 4 Series include their corrosion resistant zinc plated housing and low 1-1/8", free standing, height. The 2-3/8" square base dimension and 4-hole tie-down pattern conform to MIL-Size 2. The load is supported by the top surface of the housing which has a 17/64" clearance hole in its center to accommodate a locating stud.

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