New Planetary Gearhead From Alpha Gear

December 9, 2003—The new SP+ from Alpha Gear is available in seven sizes as an update to last year?s SP Series.

The series features noise levels from ?64 dB(A) and operates four times more quietly than standard gearheads. They offer a 20% higher torque capacity with 17?70 N-m nominal and 40?1,100 N-m acceleration torques. According to the company?s press release, the torsional rigidity has a higher axial and radial loading capacity than any gearhead in its class. A new output bearing design ensures a longer bearing lifetime and a 25% improved torsional rigidity for higher axial and radial loading capacities than any gearhead in its class.

The product is available with standard backlash of less than 4?6 arc minutes with an optional backlash of less than 1 arc minute for the highest positioning accuracy. New proprietary shaft seals for IP 65/66 protection are available.

Alpha Gear
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