Nanotec DS16 Slotless BLDC High-Speed Motor Features Ironless Core for Low Inductance

Nanotec's new motor offers low inductance for high efficiency.

Nanotec's new motor offers low inductance for high efficiency.

November 11, 2015—

Nanotec is now offering the slotless BLDC motor DS16 for high-speed applications such as drills, grinders, or tattooing instruments. The stator of the DS16 consists of ring-shaped plates with a flat winding on the inside. Since the windings don’t have an iron core, the motor's inductance is very low and the current rises rapidly. In addition, the amount of iron lost is reduced and the motors have a high efficiency rating. During slow operation, the lack of torque ripple has a positive effect. Unlike standard BLDC motors, the magnetic field isn’t reinforced at the pole shoes and there is no cogging torque.

DS16 is available in size S with a power output of 3.7 W at a maximum 27,000 rpm, size M with a power output of 10 W at a maximum 30,000 rpm, and size L with a power output of 25 W at a maximum 29,000 rpm. The low inductance of these slotless motors, combined with the PWM frequency of the controller, can lead to high current ripple generating additional heat. Therefore, additional motor throttles need to be used between the controller and motor.

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