EPC Model 30M Designed to Provide Accurate Incremental Feedback in Harsh Conditions

EPC's Model 30M encoder is designed to operate in harsh conditions.

EPC's Model 30M encoder is designed to operate in harsh conditions.

November 6, 2015—

Encoder Products Company (EPC) recently introduced the all new Model 30M, a low-profile 30mm diameter magnetic encoder module. The Model 30M is designed to provide accurate incremental feedback, even in harsh operating conditions, by means of advanced sensing and signal processing technology. 

The Model 30M combines a hall-effect sensor, advanced signal processing circuitry and a small, powerful magnetic target, which can be affixed to a rotating shaft via an optional shaft adaptor or insert. With a wide sensor-to-magnet air gap and high waveform symmetry and repeatability, the Model 30M tolerates shaft misalignment and delivers high-quality signal accuracy.

Suitable for high-performance applications, the Model 30M offers resolutions up to 1,024 CPR, a maximum frequency of 350MHz, up to 8-pole commutation, an optional index channel, two voltage selections and four output types. Connector options include an 8-pin M12, or an 8-pin or 16-pin Molex with an integral strain relief.  An optional centering and gap-setting tool enables quick and easy installation.

Resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture, the Model 30M features a chemically inert high-temperature nylon housing and non-contact magnetic sensing.  The encoder is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -40C to 120C and can be sealed to IP69K.  With a sensor-to-magnet air gap of 0.022”, the Model 30M holds ratings of 100g at 11ms for shock and 20g at 10 to 3000 Hz for vibration.

The Model 30M is a cost-effective solution for non-contact, end-of-shaft rotary feedback in commercial, industrial and non-industrial applications. Some examples are servo or stepper motor control, mobile equipment speed and steering sensing, timber processing machinery, studio and stage equipment, solar panel positioning, vending machines, rotary valve positioning, punch presses, and robotics.

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