Hägglunds TADS Hydraulic Drive System Designed for Limited Space Applications

Hagglunds TADS hydraulic system is specifically designed for applications where space is limited.

Hagglunds TADS hydraulic system is specifically designed for applications where space is limited.

September 1, 2015—

Hägglunds recently introduced the TADS hydraulic drive system from Bosch Rexroth as a self-contained drive package for applications and systems where space is limited.

The Hägglunds TADS is a self-contained system that comes with either internal splines or a hollow output shaft with a compression coupling that mounts directly to a machine’s drive shaft. Flexible shaft couplings and associated alignment problems, extra long hoses or lines, and control lines between conventional power unit and motor are eliminated.

Hägglunds’ use of hydraulics to produce rotation delivers eliminates gearboxes and the need for heavy pedestal foundations in direct drive systems. The compact open design affords easy access for routine maintenance.

TADS delivers maximum torque from zero speed with infinite start, stop and reverse, which will not damage the system. This feature can increase productivity for some applications, particularly apron feeders, belt feeders, belt conveyors, and infeed conveyors in the bulk material handing & mining, recycling, cement, and pulp & paper industries. The newly reconfigured TADS design not only lowers system cost, it also brings TADS into the lower power ranges where its low TCO (total cost of ownership) makes it an attractive alternative to electromechanical systems.

The Hägglunds TADS unit features hydraulic pump compensators that can reduce the wear and lengthen the life of any machine. Load-sensing and power-limiting tools are designed to enable operators to intelligently sustain peak levels of operation.


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