Regal Power Transmission to Introduce Several New Products at Pack Expo

Regal's new drive solutions at Pack Expo include the 90% efficient Hub City HERA (high efficiency right angle) gear reducer.

Regal's new drive solutions at Pack Expo include the 90% efficient Hub City HERA (high efficiency right angle) gear reducer.

September 17, 2015—

Regal Power Transmission Solutions will be introducing several AC motors, gear reducers and gearmotors that will be exhibited for the first time at Pack Expo 2015. The new drives, utilizing Marathon MotorsT and Hub City or Grove Gear reducers, add another dimension to Regal's “everything-but-the-frame” conveying solutions for high OEE and sustainable operation. Combined with SealMasterR and McGillR bearings, along with System PlastT conveyor chain, Regal now has a long line of offerings for reducing nuisance maintenance, bearing failure, product damage, and energy and water consumption. 

Regal's new drive solutions at Pack Expo include the 90% efficient Hub City HERA (high efficiency right angle) gear reducer, the lightweight aluminum Bravo and LeCentric reducers from Grove Gear, and Globetrotter induction motors (NEMA Premium) or SyMAX permanent magnet motors (designed to exceed NEMA Premium) from Marathon Motors.  All can be combined in gearmotor packages for energy reductions of up to 40 percent, and SKU reductions up to 90%. Hub City HERA reducers with helical and hypoid steel gearing replace bronze worm gear drives. The design achieves 90% operating efficiency for all ratios. HERA drives reduce motor size requirements as well as the physical size of a drive package. They save up to $550 per year with each increment of horsepower for rapid payback. Available in four sizes, HERA drives are rated from 1,100 in-lbs. to 8,500 in-lbs. output torque.

Grove Gear Bravo aluminum worm gear reducers feature a lightweight, single-piece aluminum housing that is vent-free and protected with high-temperature nitrile output seals. Bravo reducers weigh as much as two-thirds less and are one-third smaller than cast-iron designs. Interchangeable with drives commonly found in material handling and packaging systems, Bravo reducers are designed for frequent reversing and start-stop cycles with oversized high-speed bearings and a bronze alloy worm gear. IEC inputs and metric outputs make Bravo drives an excellent replacement for worldwide applications. Five sizes are available in ratings up to 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) and ratios from 7:1 to 70:1.

LeCentric helical inline reducers are engineered with a single-piece aluminum alloy housing, vacuum impregnated with Resinol RT (MILSTD 276) for protection and sealing. All gearing is hardened and ground to AGMA Class 10 or better. Double reduction units are 96 to 97 percent efficient. Bearing spans are optimized for maximum overhung load capacity and minimum shaft deflection. LeCentric reducers are rated for 5,900 in-lbs to over 18,500 in-lbs of output torque.  Grove LeCentric units are designed and rated for applications in general material handling, food and beverage industries, with options available for washdown and harsh environments. Modular design and bolt-on output flanges allow easy field modification of the unit for bolt-on replacement of dozens of popular reducers. In addition, modified standard units and proprietary variations are a Grove Gear specialty.

Marathon Motors general purpose NEMA Premium GlobetrotterR motor is designed to meet or exceed NEMA Premium efficiencies. The motors are available in dual voltages and frequencies without re-rating. Globetrotter motors are suitable for 10:1 variable and constant torque applications. Easily convertible from F1 to F2, they are UL Recognized, CSA Certified , and have the CE Mark. Globetrotter motors are stocked as rigid, C-Face Footless , and C-Face Footed mounting configurations. They are suitable for horizontal or vertical shaft down applications.

Marathon Motors' SyMAX PMAC motors meet or exceed European IE4 efficiency levels, achieving efficiencies 25 to 35 percent higher than NEMA Premium and paying for the motor in as little as two years. The PMAC design is exceptionally power dense, which can result in a 2-3X frame size reduction. SyMAX PMAC motors minimize energy requirements with an optimized fan design, precision-wound stator, and elimination of rotor conductor losses. Capable of constant torque over a wide speed range, SyMAX PMAC motors can be combined with HERA reducers for gearmotors with double the torque density and a lower cost-to-torque ratio than standard systems. They are a drop-in replacement for induction motors, utilizing the same footprint, shaft height and other NEMA dimensions.

New System PlastT NGT Evo conveyor chain and NoluR-S wear strips will be demonstrated in an "energy duel" against standard LF chain and UHMW wear strips. Two identical conveyor loops will run side-by-side at Pack Expo with a power readout for each displayed on a large monitor. NG Evo chain's low friction typically allows running without lubrication on beverage filling lines. In dry unit handling applications NG Evo chain and Nolu-S wear strips can reduce energy consumption up to 30%, while reducing noise as well.

Nolu-S wear strips and guides enable reduced-lubrication or lubrication-free, high speed conveyor operation. They are made of an UHMW resin with a solid lubricant that reduces the coefficient of friction. The combination of NG Evo chain and Nolu-S wear strips can deliver up to five times the service life of LF chain in certain applications.

System Plast's directionally unlimited roller top belt can align products to any angle, divert them, sort to multiple lanes, rotate, combine, or gap them - all done softly without contact. The 2253RT roller top belt simplifies conveyor design and installation with its independently controlled moving surface that easily handles large or small, flat-bottom products, moving them on half-inch (12.5 mm) balls spaced on one inch (25.4 mm) centers. The 2253RT supports loads up to 617 lbs/ft (9,000 Nm/m) or 1.1 lbs/ball (0.5 kg/ball). The belt's non-contact product manipulation eliminates impact and abrasion damage from pushers, as well as the need for mechanical adjustment or changeovers for conventional diverters or guides.

Regal CRES bearings (Corrosion Resistant Engineered Solutions) are engineered to meet material handling requirements for higher speeds, long life, and low maintenance in dry, wet or corrosive environments. Brands include SealMasterR mounted ball and roller bearings, and McGillR CAMROLR cam follower bearings.

SealMaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings and RPB-CR Corrosion Resistant Performance Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings meet both CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Steam in Place) sanitation requirements. SealMaster PN Gold bearings - with 316 stainless steel or high strength composite housings - have high-phosphorous, electroless-nickel-plated inner and outer races. High performance triple-lip contact seals provide multidirectional sealing to exclude contaminants and retain lubrication.

RPB-CR Corrosion Resistant Performance Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings include a fluoropolymer coated housing and locking collars, stainless steel grease fittings, single lip contact seal and GoldPlexR-FG (NSF H1) food grade grease for corrosion resistant applications.

Designed for mechanical automation or linear motion systems, McGill CRES CAMROL cam follower bearings are designed for case packers, palletizers, fillers, cappers, un-scramblers and similar equipment. They feature a hardened raceway for load carrying capacity and a ductile stem for shock tolerance. CRES CAMROL bearings have 400-series corrosion-resistant stainless steel components, LUBRI-DISCR+ Seals, and H1 food grade grease.

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