Bonfiglioli Motor Helps Technowrapp Create New Arm Pallet Wrapper

Bonfiglioli motors are being used in Technowrapp's new Runner Arm.

Bonfiglioli motors are being used in Technowrapp's new Runner Arm.

August 10, 2015—

Through their close collaboration with Bonfiglioli, Technowrapp recently created Runner Arm, an arm pallet wrapper meant to combine high performance and simplicity of operation and maintenance. 

Due to two specific patents, Runner Arm can wrap 136 pallets/hour with 10 turns per pallet, establishing a pallet with just 76 grams of stretch wrap film (value achieved with 15 µm film). The rotary arm with centripetal contrast ring contains and guides the arm as it moves and makes it possible to reach a rotation speed of 45 RPM, combining this with low structural stress. The cutting and welding pliers operate on the moving load, contributing to the increase in speed and efficiency of the work cycle.


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