Rexroth EMC HD Electromechanical Cylinders Offer Superior Heavy Load Control

Rexroth EMC-HD electromechanical cylinder.

Rexroth EMC-HD electromechanical cylinder.

July 10, 2015—

Rexroth recently introduced the EMC Heavy Duty (HD) electromechanical cylinders, designed to make the benefits of advanced control technology available, even at high forces. The ready-to-install units are suitable for machinery and equipment as well as for outdoor use. Users can seamlessly integrate them for intelligent energy management, thus reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Force, position and speed are designed to be parameterized by the user and adapted at all times to new tasks via the drive system. Without an additional position sensor, the EMC-HD achieves a repeatability accuracy of up to ± 0.01 mm, and they do so for any number of selectable positions within the travel range of up to 1,200 mm. The electromechanical cylinders for heavy loads are driven either by ball or planetary screw assemblies, depending on the dynamic and power requirements. The high-precision, backlash-free preloaded Rexroth screw assemblies are offered in various sizes and leads economically cover a wide range of application demands. Rexroth offers the EMC-HD both as finished, purely mechanical axes as well as a complete system with precisely matched gears, servo motors and controllers from the IndraDrive product line.

For the installation of the heavy-duty cylinders, the user can choose from numerous mounting options reducing the construction and assembly work involved. The electromechanical solution does not require any additional components and incorporates space-saving machine designs.

Rexroth IndraDrive electromechanical servo drives offer numerous opportunities for intelligent energy management. The drives can regain and store braking energy.

The EMC-HD with IP65 protection class is also suitable for outdoor use and operates reliably over a wide temperature range. The construction is designed to ensure a long lifespan, even under harsh environmental conditions. The sealing system protects the cylinder from wear resulting from exterior contamination.

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