Pittman DC Motors Combine High Torque and Miniature Size

Pittman Motor's new brush DC motors are notable for their small size.

Pittman Motor's new brush DC motors are notable for their small size.

July 1, 2015—

Pittman Motors recently introduced the DC032A Series of brush DC motors, the latest addition to its lineup of DC brush and brushless motors. The DC032A series is a high-torque density motor designed in a rectangular package. Its compact size and high-power density makes it suitable for portable equipment and power tools.

The motor body cross section measures 25 mm by 32 mm.  It is available in three motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.027 - 0.034 Nm. The DC032A series has a maximum speed of 6,500 rpm and can be used with DC bus voltages up to 48 volts. There are eight standard winding variations, and custom windings are available.

The motor construction features a high-energy, four-pole stator with rare earth magnets. The 13 slot commutation design minimizes torque ripple. The armature slots are skewed for optimum reduction of reluctance torque (LO-COG). The motor shaft is supported by shielded ball bearings that are preloaded for low vibration and quiet operation.

DC032A motors are available with optional Pittman G35A gearboxes and H type incremental encoders.

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