Boston Gear 700 Series Speed Reducers Designed for Corrosion Resistance

Boston Gear 700 series speed reducers have two-day shipping.

Boston Gear 700 series speed reducers have two-day shipping.

July 13, 2015—

Catalogued models of Boston Gear’s stainless steel 700 Series speed reducers are now available with standard two-day delivery.

Boston Gear’s SS700 Series, the original “domed crown” stainless steel reducers, are designed for corrosion resistance and high pressure food processing and packaging washdown applications.

All SS700 models are NSF Certified and have maintenance features including electropolished exterior finish, sealed motor flange, and covered hardware. To prevent miniscule niches that can host microbial contamination, the nameplate has been laser marked to provide a smooth uninterrupted surface. An internal oil reservoir, filled with H1 food-grade lubricant (Klubersynth UH 1 6-460) and sealed for life, allows for use under a range of operating temperatures and extended service life.

An afterhours/holiday hotline is also available for emergency orders. 

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