SKF Spindle Assessment Kit Detects Spindle Unbalance Conditions

The SKF Spindle Assessment Kit helps validate performance indicators.

The SKF Spindle Assessment Kit helps validate performance indicators.

July 16, 2015—

The SKF Spindle Assessment Kit provides an easy way to measure and interpret key spindle operating data to help users detect developing problems before they can escalate. Designed for use after a spindle is assembled and installed in a machine tool, the kit can help OEMs or quality control staff to validate performance indicators, including vibration, thermal behavior, running accuracy, and natural frequency, among others. The kit also can detect spindle unbalance conditions and assist in understanding resonance frequency, which is essential to cutting quality. The kit delivers cost-effective condition monitoring technology to help avoid spindle downtime and increase machine tool uptime.

The SKF Spindle Assessment Kit includes three programs: spindle test module; balancing module (for fine tuning); and RUCD (Run Up Coast Down) module (to test resonance frequency). The spindle test module provides nine condition tests: imbalance and balancing (vibration); bearing condition (vibration); mechanical condition (vibration); resonance frequency; speed accuracy; belt tension; tool nose run out; EM distance; and clamp force.

The complete kit consists of a portable SKF Microlog Analyzer, acceleration sensor, laser tachometer, dial gauge with gauge stand, belt tension gauge, and a spindle-specific software package preconfigured to convert measured data into intuitive green-amber-red (“traffic light”) color-coded results.

The kit provides step-by-step instructions and features lightweight ergonomic design, extended battery life, easy operation function keys, and rugged and water-resistant design. Automatic analysis of spindle condition will indicate possible faults, imbalance, and bearing defects, among other operating problems.

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