Tschan 'TNT' Combines GWS Torque Delimiters and Claw Couplings

Tschan TNT combines torque delimiters and claw couplings in one package.

Tschan TNT combines torque delimiters and claw couplings in one package.

June 30, 2015—

Tschan recently presented Tschan “TNT”, a marriage of two established products. It is a combination of Gerwah’s “GWS” torque delimiters and Tschan’s elastic claw couplings of the Nor-Mex and Tschan TNB series.

This combination of the torque delimiter and the coupling under the Tschan label is designed to provide high-quality, simple overload protection in complex and expensive power trains. For example, the combination of the zero-clearance TNT torque delimiter and the Tschan Nor-Mex makes it possible to change the spacer ring without having to axially move the input and output ends. If combined with the Tschan TNB, it is possible to change the buffers without removing the part. Once the retaining screws have been removed and the holding ring has been pushed back, each of the mounted buffer pins can be radially removed. In addition, combinations with Gerwah multi-disc clutches as well as Tschan Posiflex denture clutches will be available in the future.

Tschan Posiflex couplings allow for a shifting of the angle on each gear level of up to 0.75 degrees, even if there is axial motion of several millimeters. The variety of combinations can be expanded and, if desired, also be used with other coupling systems that Ringfeder Power Transmission has in its product portfolio. Other than shear pin couplings or various other solutions, the Tschan TNT is non-destructive and can be switched on again after an overload.

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