Maxon EC-i 40 Brushless Motors 70% More Efficient Than Precursor Model

The new Maxon EC-i 40 DC brushless motor.

The new Maxon EC-i 40 DC brushless motor.

June 15, 2015—

Maxon recently expanded its line of EC-i 40 brushless motors with three iron-core internal rotor drives. The drives have a diameter of 40 mm and feature high dynamics, a low cogging torque, and high output torque. The strongest motor in this series offers a maximum nominal torque of 234 mNm and is 56 millimeters in length. It exceeds the performance of its precursor model by up to 70%.

The three new brushless DC motors are cost-effective and targeted towards the robotics, prosthetics, and industrial automation industries. The compact design offers a solution in applications with space constraints. When needed, the EC-i 40 High Torque motors can be combined with maxon gearheads, servo controllers, or position controllers.

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