Ruland Oldham Couplings Can Be Used in Print Applications

Ruland's oldham couplings.

Ruland's oldham couplings.

June 5, 2015—
Ruland manufactures zero-backlash oldham couplings that accommodate high amounts of parallel misalignment with low bearing loads and have a balanced design for reduced vibration at higher speeds. Print equipment manufacturers benefit from the combination of flexibility and accuracy of motion. The three-piece design allows for in place servicing without machine disassembly.

Ruland oldham couplings consist of two hubs that mate to a torque transmitting center disk making them adaptable to a variety of printing applications. This three-piece design is suited for equipment where the roller must be frequently changed out. Hubs can be left in place and the roller can be removed by sliding the disk and assembly off the driving hub. Oldham couplings are customizable and can combine clamp and set screw hubs with inch, metric, keyed, and un-keyed bores. Hubs are standard in black anodized aluminum for improved lubricity, increased life, and low inertia. Ruland utilizes a proprietary hub machining process that leaves a smoother surface for interaction between the hub and disk leading to a longer life and increased performance.

Oldham couplings transmit torque by mating the slots on the center disk to the drive tenons on the hubs. They accommodate angular and axial misalignment, and are useful in applications where parallel misalignment is present. The replaceable center disk is available in acetal plastic for high torsional stiffness, nylon for shock absorption and noise reduction, and PEEK for high temperature and low out-gassing. 

In the event of wear or failure, the disk can be replaced restoring the coupling’s original performance characteristics. Oldham couplings have the advantage of electrical isolation due to the non-conductive nature of the center disk preventing electrical currents from being passed to delicate instruments which can cause inaccurate data readings or damage.

Ruland offers oldham couplings with bore sizes ranging from 1/8" (3 mm) to 1-1/8" (30 mm). Stainless steels hubs are available upon request for use in high corrosion or clean room environments. Disks can be manufactured with a center hole to allow further shaft penetration or tapped holes to attach the disk to a hub so it stays in place during disassembly.

Oldham couplings are part of Ruland’s complete coupling line which includes rigid couplings with precision honed bores and five styles of motion control couplings: beam, bellows, disc, zero-backlash jaw, and oldham. 

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