Applimotion Introduces Custom Direct Drive Motor Assemblies Using UTS Frameless Motor Kits

Applimotion's new custom direct drive motor assembly.

Applimotion's new custom direct drive motor assembly.

May 11, 2015—
Applimotion recently introduced custom direct drive motor assemblies using its UTS frameless motor kits and MicroE encoders.
For years OEM customers have routinely designed Applimotion motor kits into direct drive systems unique to their process. MicroE has a history of supplying precision encoders to the same customer set offering both high accuracy and high resolution in one tight low profile package. Combining both technologies in one assembly offers the best solution for your precision low profile applications.  

These assemblies cover unique needs for high performance imaging, metrology, and scanning systems in Medical Devices, Semiconductor Equipment and Satellite Communications. Key features: low profile with large through holes for light beams, wires or slip rings; sooth motion with zero-cogging UTS motor kits inside; high precision with MicroE encoders for high resolution and positioning accuracy; industry standard compatibility with controllers and drives from 24-300 volts.

Direct drive motors are finding their way into many new applications as the advantages in reliability, precision and performance are realized. If your process is unique and you find yourself constrained by size or environment, Applimotion can create an affordable direct drive solution the fits your application using well know reliable high tech components.

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