Klüber Lubrication Introduces Synthetic Grease for Extreme Climatic Conditions

Kluber Lubrication's full product line.

Kluber Lubrication's full product line.

April 10, 2015—

Kl€ber Lubrication recently introduced Klübersynth EM 94-102, a fully synthetic lubricating grease incorporating a calcium complex soap thickener. The thickener enables formation of a resilient lubricating film that provides high resistance to mechanical-dynamic loads while enabling wear protection.

Klübersynth EM 94-102 can be used in a variety of applications under different climatic conditions due to its wide service temperature range. As a result, various friction points can be supplied with one single lubricant, avoiding confusion due to multiple lubricant selection and use.

The resistance to water and corrosion protection properties of Klübersynth EM 94-102 make it suitable for use in wet and humid areas. Examples include rolling and plain bearings for winter sport applications, like ski lift equipment and snow grooming vehicles, or industrial offshore and marine applications.

Klübersynth EM 94-102 is suitable for an array of applications because of its wear protection, adhesion characteristics, load capacity and low-temperature behavior.

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