Voith's Servo Pump Provides Energy Savings of Up to 70 Percent

Pictured is Voith's servo pump.

Pictured is Voith's servo pump.

March 31, 2015—

Hydraulic applications with high demands on control technology are subject to fluctuating stresses during operation. To ensure cost-effective operation under these conditions, the Voith servo pump adjusts to the power needed over varying volume flows and motor speeds. This provides advantages over conventional systems, particularly in the part load range, with a uniformly high volume flow that is needed only within an operating cycle. Optimized operation reduces energy consumption by up to 70 percent and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the entire hydraulic system by up to 35 percent. In this way, it is usually amortized within one to two years.

Featuring the motto "Saving Energy while Increasing Productivity," Voith will be presenting the servo pump to visitors at the Hannover Messe trade fair from the April 13-17 in Hall 23, Booth 41.

The pump system consists of three main components: the servo inverter, the synchronous servo motor and the Voith internal gear pump. The servo inverter analyzes and processes the setpoint and the actual values of the pressure and speed. It controls the highly dynamic servo motor, which supplies the required torque in the shortest amount of time. This power is fed to the process as a function of the pressure or volume flow by way of the internal gear pump. As a result, classic valves are unnecessary, reducing the complexity of the system and the cooling capacity needed. At the same time, the reliability and lifetime increase. The servo pump facilitates highly dynamic control that is further supported by the low mass moment of inertia of the internal gear pump. This shortens the cycle time of the actuators by up to 50 percent and considerably increases the productivity of the machine.

In addition to optimized energy consumption, the Voith variable-speed solution also reduces the noise emissions of the system by up to 20 dB(A). This reduces the cost and effort for noise abatement measures – in many cases, workplace guidelines are met without any additional measures.

Previously integrated control parameters make the Voith servo pump ready for operation immediately. The pressures and volume flows are individually adjusted to the specific cycle data and optimally harmonized with existing control concepts and systems. Consequently, the system makes an outstanding retrofit solution.

The servo pump can be used in a variety of ways. Typical areas of application are plastics machines, die casting machines, machine tools and presses. As the central component of machines and systems, it continuously measures the current operating parameters and thus provides an ideal node for integration within the framework of Industry 4.0

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