Haydon Kerk Adds Motorized BGS Linear Rail Products to its Express Store

Three new sizes of BGS Linear Rail Systems are now available at Haydon Kerk's Express Store.

Three new sizes of BGS Linear Rail Systems are now available at Haydon Kerk's Express Store.

March 6, 2015—

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a brand of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, recently added three different sized BGS Linear Rail Systems to its 24- Hour Express Store. Haydon Kerk has an “off-the-shelf” motion control prototype solution, including a varety of motor sizes, rail sizes, stroke lengths and resolutions, to help expedite the design process.

Product design engineers can choose between three BGS frame sizes: the BGS04, BGS06, and BGS08, and, depending on static, dynamic and moment load requirements, have a complete solution in hand within 24 hours. All BGS frame sizes are designed to position heavy loads and maintain repeatability and accuracy, while withstanding significant cantilevered loading through the use of a recirculating ball rail system.

Haydon Kerk BGS rail systems utilize linear stepper motors and precision rolled 303 stainless steel lead screws. Lead screws are TFE coated to provide wear-resistant and maintenance-free dry lubrication. The lead screw drives a precision nut embedded in a machined aluminum carriage mounted to a recirculating ball rail. The result is a rigid, smooth operating motion system. 

BGS Linear Rail Systems can be further customized to better meet unique design needs that includes, but is not limited to, custom wire harnesses, load carriages, and mounting configurations. 

For a turnkey motion control package, the BGS Linear Rail system can be combined with Haydon Kerk IDEA drives that also available on the HaydonKerk Express Store. 

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