Nexen Introduces Precision Motion Control Application & Selection Guide

January 27, 2015—

Nexen Group, Inc., a manufacturer of precision motion control solutions, recently introduced its latest Precision Motion Control Application & Selection Guide with an expanded range of products. This catalog offers complete performance data, sizes, specifications and technical reference on the company’s line of precision linear and rotary motion control solutions. It also includes Nexen’s newest addition to its lineup, the Versa Thermoplastic Rack.

Versa is a new patented thermoplastic rack that can be used with any of Nexen’s pinions.  The rack is constructed with thermoplastic, which provides corrosion resistance, eliminates the need for lubrication and reduces weight. Made of self-lubricating polymer, it withstands dirty environments and outdoor operation, such as coastal climates with salty air.

You can find Versa and Nexen’s complete line by requesting a printed selection guide at


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