Oelheld U.S. Introduces Three Magic Helpers

Oelheld recently released three new products to help with shop problems.

Oelheld recently released three new products to help with shop problems.

January 22, 2015—

Oelheld U.S. Inc. recently released three new products to aid with nagging shop problems: Oelheld LubTool 2000, Oelheld LubTool 4000 and Oelheld LubTool 6000.

Oelheld LubTool 2000 is a fully synthetic, PAO based lubricating oil that lubricates, cleans, protects and removes corrosion, even in extremely low temperatures. LubTool 2000 is NSF H1 approved, so it can be used around food stuff and it is neutral to all common plastic-and elastomeric materials. LubTool 2000 is free of silicon, acids and resins.

Oelheld LubTool 4000 is a universal cleaner that can remove multiple contaminations. LubTool 4000 is designed for the removal of resin, oil and grease, most coatings, paints and crayon marks, as well as cleaning of soiled machinery components. LubTool 4000 is also suited for surface prep, prior to bonding and painting. The product is free from hydrocarbon and evaporates residue free.

Oelheld Tool 6000 is a corrosion protection for precision-tools which forms a thin, grease-like protective film. It offers corrosion-protection on metal parts for long-term indoor and outdoor storage.

LubTool 6000 does not form any resins and can be removed after long-term storage. Treated parts can be EDM wire-cut without removing the coating first. LubTool 6000 is free from FHC, CHC and FCHC.

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