New Lubrication from Linear Systems Offers Increased Smoothness

April 15, 2006—The Precision Alliance and KSS Ball Screws introduce a dramatic improvement in lubrication of anti-friction linear bearing and ball screw systems.

Originally developed for miniature ball screws, these new greases improve in both smoothness and dynamic life of antifriction systems.

When compared with the greases recommended and sold by other major linear bearing producers, the new MSG Greases offer increased more than six times the result under a modified $BE5(Bimken OK Load Test$B!&(B

According to the company’s press release, these greases are constructed from a new compound of super filtered synthetic lubricants.

The MSG#1 is designed for extremely smooth precision motion in antifriction bearings. The grease penetration number is a bit lower to ensure a glassy-smooth, non-sticky feel at low speeds where very fine positioning is required.

MSG#2 has a higher penetration number so that it will stay in place during high speed motion, but not so stiff that it will cause churning or increased friction in high speed systems.

The lower friction provided by the new MSG grease reduces wear, increases life, and smoothness of recirculation in the performance linear systems.

The Precision Alliance
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