Heidenhain Introduces New Linear Encoder

April 15, 2006—For straightforward motion applications where primarily simple and fast mounting of a small encoder is decisive, HEIDENHAIN now offers a new linear encoder package, the LIDA 200 series.

These new exposed linear LIDA 200s offers two ways of simple mounting.

The LIDA 200 encoders can be simply and quickly mounted via a scale tape which is supplied in rolls with reference marks and cut to the desired length by the customer, then secured directly on the mounting surface by means of its adhesive film.

As an alternative, it can also be mounted by means of a scale tape carrier extrusion, along with supplied adhesive and clamping mechanism for thermal effects.

Heidenhain's new LIDA 200 linear encoders also actually operate at higher speeds (10 meters per second) than the LIDA 400, and boast even more resistance to contamination like scratches and fingerprints because of the coarser grating.

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