Suhner Solves Noise Absorption for Power Seat

Suhner has discovered how to dampen noise levels in power seats

Suhner has discovered how to dampen noise levels in power seats

November 10, 2014—

Less noise, less vibrations, less distractions, more comfort; all this is required in today’s global automotive industry. The power seat manufacturers are demanding innovation on the level of the component manufacturer.

Using patented innovations in conjunction with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, Suhner addresses these needs.

Through scientific experiments in Suhner's R&D laboratory as well as through a well-respected university in the United States, Suhner has found the ideal combination of materials together with the best manufacturing techniques. Suhner's research found that the main noise source is the drive motor and its load, so the mission was to dampen these noise levels with the components that Suhner is manufacturing – the flexible drive shaft that is rotating inside a plastic casing. Again, the combination of materials used together with “how” they are manufactured is the real secret to the lowest noise levels for the entire power seat system. Fine tuning many other factors helped to achieve the lowest noise pressure levels in the power seat industry. 

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