13th International CTI Symposium

(December 8-11, 2014)

Berlin - Estrel Hotel. In the automotive age of globalization, individualization, interconnection and efficiency, the competition for the "best" transmission and drive concept has taken on a whole new dimension due to electrification and functional complexity of the drive train. Drive train and transmission have to be integrated in the overall vehicle concept and interconnected with vehicle, driving environment and driver in such a way that maximises efficiency, comfort and safety. In addition, they have to be cost-efficient, light and compact and, of course, offer advantages in terms of segment and market. Above all, they have to help to meet the tighter CO2 standards in the near future. Therefore, it is no big surprise that the variety of proposed transmission and drive concepts has shot up. A consolidation is not in sight.

Traditionally, the Transmission Symposium covers all important innovations and progress in the field of transmissions, drive trains, components and development methods as well as market-specific requirements and global prospects. This year, the symposium will not only focus on a variety of new transmission, EV and hybrid drive concepts, but also on component-related topics, which help to optimize the complete drive system:

  • Starting and shift elements: how can comfort, dynamics and efficiency be increased?
  • NVH and functional safety
  • Optimized bearings, lubrication and actuation as needed for better transmission efficiency
  • Driveability: Can CVTs enter the European market?
  • Optimal dynamics, comfort and efficiency achieved by shifting at the right time
  • Impact of the WLTP on transmission and drive train development
  • What energy density will batteries have in five or ten years, and what will they cost? What will the infrastructure look like?
  • Operating strategy and consumption optimisation based on telematics and new transmission concepts for commercial vehicles

The "CTI Young Drive Experts Award" for outstanding student papers and theses in the field of transmission and drive train development is again of special importance this year, true to the motto "the future requires young development engineers."

The new, more extensive conference programme takes account of the above mentioned variety of topics: 105 presentations – plenary presentations, 16 parallel sessions and "technology platforms" – and a panel discussion.

The Transmission Expo has also grown this year, with 120 exhibitors.