Emerson Introduces System Plast NG Evo Conveyor

Emerson's Power Transmission Solutions business introduces its new System Plast NG Evo conveyor chain at Pack Expo, featuring a propr...
August 29, 2014—
Emerson's Power Transmission Solutions business introduces its new System Plast NG Evo conveyor chain at Pack Expo, featuring a proprietary, low-friction FDA-approved material for dry conveying in food packaging applications. "NG Evo builds on the success of original NG chain, which is widely used for dry conveying in the bottling industry," said Jeff Himes, System Plast senior product manager. "The new chain provides a higher breaking load, greater elasticity, lower coefficient of friction and much greater abrasion resistance than the original. NG Evo significantly expands options for dry conveying to meet sustainability and water conservation goals, which will grow in importance for food packaging as the U.S. already grapples with regional water shortages." 

"NG Evo improves on a material that is a proven success in dry conveying beverage applications," added Himes. "All of the physical properties of the original NG chain have been enhanced to meet specific challenges in food processing applications. In addition, beverage handling conveyors are typically lubricated with soap and water that uses two to three times more water than goes into the finished product. There are obvious costs for this, but the hidden cost for wet conveyor is in the slip hazard, pumps, leaks and premature failure of bearings, sensors and other conveyor components."

System Plast NG Evo chain is an advanced, low-friction concept that can eliminate or greatly reduce wasteful water-and-soap lubrication typically used on food and beverage conveyors. It also reduces the costs and energy for water reclamation/treatment, and eliminates the wear paste buildup, noise pulsation and hygiene issues caused by mineral-oil-based dry lubricants. 

NG Evo chain is made of a proprietary thermoplastic resin that is suitable for high-speed and dry-running applications, where it lowers power consumption and noise, and increases the belt’s wear life. The companion Nolu-S wear strips and guides enable reduced-lubrication or lubrication-free, high-speed conveyor operation. They are made of a unique resin with a solid lubricant that dramatically reduces the coefficient of friction. Nolu-S helps reduce noise, energy consumption, squeaking, and chain pull/belt fatigue. The combination of NG Evo chain and Nolu-S wear strips can reduce a conveyor’s energy requirements by up to 30 percent, with service life as much as five times greater.

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