Timken Canada Re-Launches Partnership with Garlock Sealing

Frank Mascia (Timken Canada) makes the announcement of the partnership.

Frank Mascia (Timken Canada) makes the announcement of the partnership.

August 11, 2014—
Timken Canada has announced that it is re-launching the partnership with Garlock Sealing Technologies (an EnPro Industries Company) to more aggressively pursue sales of their oil seal and bearing isolator products.  The announcement was made at a customer dinner event in Quebec City last month. Frank Mascia – managing director of Timken Canada described the fit that Garlock product has with the portfolio of bearing and PT products currently offered and Mike Monica, Garlock’s director of global sales emphasized the synergies to be recognized between the two organizations.  

While Timken has been modestly selling Garlock product since 2006, the market is now seeing the benefit to a rationalized supply base and the technical support that Timken technical sales representatives can provide. Timken now has an extensive domestic inventory of seals and isolators, supported by Garlock’s manufacturing base located in Palmyra, NY.  

Premium Seals, such as the Model 64, is an assembled seal (vs bonded), with a heavy duty metal outer case and a garter spring held in place with a stainless steel finger spring. It is available in three different Mill-Right elastomer materials. The popular Guardian Isolator is a bronze labyrinth non-contacting seal that is easy to install.Non wearing components provide significantly extended equipment life. 

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