Tornos Technologies Debuts New Swiss-Type Multi-Axis Machine

April 14, 2006—The new DECO 8sp single-spindle Swiss-type multi-axis, multi-function machine will be making its debut at IMTS.

The machine accommodates parts up to 8 mm. According to the company's press release, the precision machine has accuracies of +/? 1μ.

The machine was developed for new markets in the electronics sector, particularly for mini disk parts for mobile IT units, but is also applied for other types of short parts requiring high precision in the watch, medical and automotive industries.

Key specifications include spindle rpm of up to 15,000, powered by a 3.7 kW motor. Four tools serve the main spindle, up to six for the sub-spindle with up to seven live tools?five for the main and two for the sub-spindle. Programming can be accomplished with traditional ISO G-code or via Tornos' dedicated TB-DECO ADV program, which utilizes DECO's kinematics designed for faster processing.

Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp.