Igus Offers Solutions for Packaging Industry

Igus is presenting a range of innovative new products specially developed to meet stringent demands of the packaging industry. Manufactur...
July 2, 2014—Igus is presenting a range of innovative new products specially developed to meet stringent demands of the packaging industry. Manufacturers of packaging machinery rely on high-performance components, especially where products must be packed in a timely and energy-efficient manner. Because of this, machinery must be designed and manufactured under strict rules and regulations. Igus is now offering individual components that meet these guidelines, as well as complete systems for packaging equipment, all meeting industry guidelines. Policies for food handling and hygiene are clearly defined by both U.S. and European standards and regulators. Igus’ blue food-grade products are easily identifiable for added safety. The company’s ‘tribo-tape’ material, made from proven self-lubricating iglide A160 material, is suited for lowering friction in a wide range of applications thanks to its low wear values. The tribo-tape is specifically notable for its maintenance-free dry-running properties that allow the addition of sliding surfaces wherever necessary. The iglide A160 material is also available in machinable bar stock for custom components with reliable cleanroom and low-friction properties. Food-grade materials like iglide A181 and A350 are also available for even more challenging applications, such as those in extreme temperatures. Even for conveyor systems, injection molded knife-edge rollers from igus allow for complete avoidance of external lubricants, while maintaining excellent wear values. Igus has also developed a standing in the realm of drive technology. Their DryLin range of linear products has evolved, and is now enhanced by two new linear modules, the DryLin SLW Protect, and the SLWT-1080, The SLW Protect system is designed for sensitive environments, and features a protective mechanism that safeguards the lead screw and nut against impacts and falling debris. The SLWT-1080 is equipped with a twin lead screw system, which allows separate control of the carriages, allowing various screw pitches to be combined, providing the most possible design and operational flexibility. New DryLin E stepper motors also create new linear design possibilities. The laterally mounted stepper motors’ compact design allows the motor to be mounted adjacent to the system, reducing the overall footprint. Igus’ ReadyCable and ReadyChain product lines fit seamlessly into the igus systems concept. Fully harnessed energy supply systems ensure savings in logistics, installation, and downtime. These innovative, plug and play solutions significantly reduce assembly and maintenance time. Ranging from individual components to complete, fully-harnessed systems, igus provides more than 100,000 products for packaging machinery designers and builders.

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