Zero-Max Offers Latest VRT for Agriculture Equipment

June 4, 2014—Today‚¬Ä™s precision farming equipment requires accurate and repeatable speed settings when dispensing seed and fertilizer. Zero-Max‚¬Ä™s new VRT Infinitely Variable Ratio Transmissions provide the vital operating link between advanced control systems such as GPS (global position systems) and the mechanical dispensing mechanisms used in precision seeding machinery.

In the agricultural equipment pictured, Zero-Max VRT Infinitely Variable Ratio Transmissions are used as the mechanical interface of the electronic controls and the seed metering mechanism. With all internal parts machined to strict and consistent tolerances, these transmissions ensure accurate seed dispensing for exact spacing over the entire cultivated field. Seed placement accuracy is maintained even when equipment ground speed varies. It provides the mechanical consistency and transmission accuracy enabling the equipment‚¬Ä™s electronic controls to operate precisely in varying seeding conditions.

Ruggedly designed to operate in the harshest environments, the VRT‚¬Ä™s aluminum housing locks in mechanical drive components. The drives are pre-lubricated during assembly and completely enclosed in the heavy-duty housing. This maintenance free design ensures that internal parts are lubricated and free of contamination from outside debris.

With today‚¬Ä™s precision farm management relying on the latest technology, Zero-Max VRT Infinitely Variable Ratio Transmissions help make precision farming more efficient and profitable. Field proven for over 10 years, they are designed to integrate effectively with innovative agricultural equipment utilizing geospatial tools to maximize returns on inputs while preserving resources.

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