Havlik Expands Plant Capacity and Ability

June 2, 2014—Havlik Gear, a Renaissance Power Systems company, announces the addition of a TSO FUQ 150-VR6 CNC machine to expand plant capacity and ability. The multipurpose CNC floor type mill has an impressive 60 metric ton table capacity. The custom designed hydrostatic table has a maximum rotational speed of 80 rpm. In addition to general purpose heavy duty turning and milling, large gears can be rough cut and finish cut using one of four custom machining heads that best suit the application.

Additionally, the new machine will increase the company€™s gear cutting capacity from eight meters to 12 meters, allowing it to undertake some of the largest gearing projects in the world. Products such as multi-segment ball mill, kiln, or SAG mill gears, as well as riding rings or mill heads, can be supplied on a turn-key or subcontract basis to best meet customer needs.

The addition of the new CNC machine also will allow Havlik to provide vertical lathe capability as the machine doubles as a large vertical lathe, able to swing 12 meters in diameter. It also will provide the ability to support subcontract large diameter turning, which will be a major focus for the company moving forward.

€œNot only will this new machine €“ one of only 2 or 3 in the world €“ allow Havlik to take on large gearing projects, but it also will increase capacity as many products can be more efficiently produced, including gearbox housings, press frames and components, compressor components and more,€ said Mark Readinger, president and CEO of Renaissance Power Systems.

Havlik Gear, an ISO9001:2000 certified company, has been a leader in gear manufacturing since 1886.

Renaissance Power Systems