Applimotion Offers Thin Radial Cross Section Motor Kits

May 6, 2014—Applimotion’s ULT, UTH, and UTS frameless brushless motor kits cover a wide range of applications in direct drive motion control. New sizes recently introduced have large center through-holes and thin radial cross-section. Coupling this to the low profile ultra-thin form factor enable a host of possibilities for optics and wires to enter through the motor center. Applimotion frameless motor kits cover sizes from 8 mm to 1 meter diameter and torque outputs that exceed 1000 NM. These kits operate from traditional three phase amplifiers and provide optimum torque and smoothness from sinusoidal commutation. Applimotion motors are designed with minimum torque harmonic distortion allowing smooth operation at all speeds. UTS Slotless brushless motor kits have zero cogging torque for ultimate smoothness. These motor kits are suitable for camera systems, communication gimbals, sat-com assemblies and robotic applications. Easy integration with other mechanical systems, bearings and encoders allow OEMs to reduce size and improve performance over coupled and geared solutions. Applimotion also designs and produced custom motor assemblies using its motor kits. Motor assemblies contain high resolution encoders, precision bearings, special cables/connectors and features to mount into the customer specific machine or frame.

Applimotion, Inc.